The 2017 Winners!

Posted on May 1, 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 competition!  We would like to thank everyone who entered the contest, and will be doing all that we can to help the three winners to get their scripts into the right hands!


First Prize – The Garage Band by Albert Jacobs

A narrator named Nobody walks us through the short, volatile, sordid and hilarious history of a punk rock band that managed only set one part of the world on fire, their own lives.  Twenty years later Nobody understands what it was all about, and you will, too.

Second Prize – Black Friday by Mikhael Bassilli

A work-obsessed millennial returns home for Thanksgiving weekend, only to be manipulated into spending the day outside of Walmart with his gambling obsessed Mother who has one thing in mind: win the Black Friday hot deal! But it won’t be easy going against this ensemble cast of misfits: a high strung mother with 3 booger eating brats, a nutcase in a trench coat, a family of Meatheads, and a riot of human consumerism all after the same merchandise. This is Thanksgiving warfare at its core!

Third Prize – The Death of Me! by Debra Jarvis

A Seattle public speaker and fundraiser for cancer research, in a bitter competition with another hated fund raiser, impulsively lies and announces she is terminally ill so donations skyrocket but spark changes in relationships and unpredictable events she can’t control–including her own transformation.