Grand Prize winning contestants will receive the following prize from sponsor InkTip.com:

InkTip helps writers sell their scripts and get representation. Producers have made more than 200 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip.

InkTip Script Listing: A listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you.

InkTip Magazine: Publish your logline in InkTip’s magazine sent to 4000+ producers and reps.

Virtual Pitch Fest

Grand Prize winners receive 3 Pitches on VPF, the platform for TV/Film professionals seeking scripts and writers to represent. With VPF, writers can submit Written Pitches to 500+ networks/studios, producers and agents with the assurance of a guaranteed response.  Honorable Mention winners receive 1 Pitch on VPF.

To learn more about VPF, visit virtualpitchfest.com