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2023 Winners

Posted on Jun 14, 2023

We would like to thank everyone who submitted a screenplay to this year’s competition.

After the final deadline our jury spent the month reading and reading and… as promised, our winners are announced one month later.

With that said… we know what you really want is to know who won!


First Prize

Avoidance by Deanne Gittens

Second prize

Field of Weeds by Kelly Jean Karam

Third Prize

From the Ground Up by Susan Mattine

Honorable Mention Winners

Dream Eater by Kim W Blacknall
Falling Into Place by Kripa Koshy
Head Block by Jessica Sadler
The Language of Wolves by Nan Schmid
Weathering It by Lynn Vincentnathan




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2023 Finalists

Posted on Jun 14, 2023


Days Remaining by Nathan Zevenhuizen
For the Love of Latte by miriam e bavly
In Defense of Mercy by Noelle Nelson
Inertia by Samuel David Watkins II
Marcus Aurelius: Human Resources Counselor by David Schroeder
My Story To Tell by Lucresia Petrice Campbell
Nicaea 325 AD by Adrian Radu
Rollers by RJ Shick, Dan Patrick McCarthy
The Pickleball Killer by Jim Carroll
The Ride by Alysha Haran
THEY SMELL DEAD by Juliano Angeliano
Thicker Than Water by Leah A Pollack
Town by john price
Voyager by Damien Mulvany
Wish It Away by Gabe Martinez

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2023 Semi-Finalists

Posted on Jun 14, 2023


A Picture Worth Every Word by Pat Stone
Allured III by C.J. Stussi, Armand Kachigian
Atlantis by Jeremy Gluck
BAIT by Johannes Schaff
BallyZombie by Pearse Lehane
Best Served Cold by Bill Crossland
Blood Money by Dominic Flanagan
Canvas 31 by Jared Doles
COOP by Joe Leone
Dope Fiends by Jonathan Talbert
EcoYard by Michael Casey
Evil Faces by C.J. Doukakis and T.J Doukakis
Frank And The Orbital Gap by Mark David Levitt
L.O.B.E. by David Hunter Fein
Lone Wolfe – The Belly of the Beast by L. J. Martin
Oberlin by J.P. Johnston
Obsession by Jason Andrew White
Omissions by Jessica Sadler
Or So You Say by John Coker
Oroboro Island by Oleg Bazylewicz, Karen Buckton
Ramses Faro and the Labyrinth of the Crocodiles by John-Richard Thompson
Resurrection, Nevada by Noelle Nelson
RITUAL by Amanda Nitsa Oz
Roxxie by Noelle Nelson
the dedicated physician by Michael and Andrew M Volpe
The Gang Gets Diverse by Jordan Champagne
THE GIRL IN THE GLACIER by Catherine Schandl
The Last Skywriter in the Universe by Steven Keith Bogart
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel by Katrina Kline
The Piper by J. Aldric Gaudet
The Shadow of Dharma by Max Perlick
The Skids by Jonathan Talbert
True Luck by Peter Andrews
Unspeakable by Wayne Egon Christensen, Leroy Stringer, Jr.
WALKING by Jeffrey R Wank, Jonny Gentry
Whatfor Sheriff by James Charleston
Zoom Hit by Laura Puccia Valtorta

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