2024 Finalists

Posted on May 15, 2024


Bear Frat – Pilot by Will Moro
Dead Tones by Kent Flaagan
HAPPY LANDING by Dianne Lee Blomberg, Joseph Alexander Carabello
Hunter’s Wish by Steven Keith Bogart
LENA’S RULES by Ken Comer
Love & Detroit by Michael Dunker
Nuns With Guns by Mark Wakely
Plastic Smile by Dominic James Michael Flanagan
Playing Hero by Warren Lane
Promised Land by Danny Holst
Real Dead by Jordan Wolfe
Safe Waters by Stanislav Zalmanov
Sanity Road by Eric Kelso
Silence of Fury by D.Hunter Fein
Street Scamp by Adam Phillip Caszatt
Stupid Dead Boy by Alex Vickery-Howe
Teletherapy Tales by Karen Giannone
The Blue Blood Moon by David Sabbath
The construction of a love by Antonio Messina
The Great Santa Claus Crusade by Jonathan James Andrew Potter
The Intuitive Touch by Geoffrey McCue, Allison Chaney
The Locksmith by Julian Poulter
The Lyon of Times Square by Christopher Loveland
The Paper Route by Danny Howell
Unhinged by Warren Lane, Jon Tenzing Neralich
Valiant by Josh King, Kyle Trobman
Witching Hour by Alex Vickery-Howe