2015 Winners

We are proud to provide the loglines for the winners of 100 Screenplays.  If you wish to inquire about one of the scripts, please do not hesitate to use the contact form below.

First Prize – The Mullenbach Treatment by Alvin Easter

 In 1943 Berlin, a disillusioned Nazi general, stricken with a fatal disease, decides to make the best use of his remaining time by killing Adolf Hitler; to accomplish this, he recruits his former lover, Karl, unaware that Karl has become addicted to a mind-altering drug.

Second Prize – Harold the Peaceful by Sebastian van Hoek

In a nuclear wasteland where a vicious war has broken out between cannibals and feral children, a teenage boy abandons the safety of the family underground shelter in search of his older brother where he must confront his childhood demons or risk losing the woman he loves.

Third Prize – Avengement by Michael Spohr

Twenty years after the Turkish Sultan seizes control of Albania and offers a peace treaty in return for taking their young sons into captivity, those boys return as grown warriors – led by the military genius of George “Skanderbeg” Castrioti – to take back their homeland.