What makes 100 Screenplays different?

Most screenwriting competitions accept as many scripts as possible, and then take months and months to select a winner.  The entire time, the screenwriters are often asking, “How many scripts am I up against?”  How long is this going to take?

100 SCREENPLAYS was created when one of the judges at  Screenplay Festival, had an idea, “What if we hold a contest where we limited the number of entries to one hundred?  We could get the judging done quickly. The writers would know who they are up against.  The whole thing would be different.”  This idea got kicked around the office until it grew into 100 SCREENPLAYS.

Now, instead of sending off your script and waiting ages to hear the results, you can enter your script and find out if you won in one month.  And the entire time you never have to wonder how many scripts you are up against.  (This is one of the most common questions Screenplay Festival receives.)  On top of that, your chance of winning is greatly increased by the 100 script limit.

Because 100 SCREENPLAYS is part of Screenplay Festival, the winners also get the benefits from more than a decade of industry leads.

We know that 100 SCREENPLAYS is not for everyone, but for those interested in something different, it fits the bill.

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