2024 Semi-Finalists

Posted on May 10, 2024


3 Guns by Benjamin Roussey
6 Minutes by Nancy Lydia Kimmel
Abbott Elementary: Know-It-All by James A Hill
Allured I by C.J. Stussi
BiFrost Forest: The Sabine Saga by William A Murphy
Bronx Inc. by Frank Picciotto
Child of the Disappeared by Michael Thomas Holliday
EXTEARIORS by Reza John Monahan
Flashback Jack by William Pettersen
Fleeting Moments by Daniel Ryan Ward
Fright Games by Steven Paul McCarthy
Holiday Houdinis by patrick bernet
Horribly Troubled & Heavily Sedated by Nate Scott Plotkin
I Am Austin by Melanie Vlosky, Jack Rushen
I Love This Country (Short Screenplay) by Robert T Turfe, John Capone
SACRED SUN by Michael Louis Gould
Soulmates by Maria Najera
Stocktonian Exchange – Kill Your Spirits by Hannah Rose Vernot
Terrorance by Daniel Bodenmann
The Dating Trap by quinn dewsbury
The Evaluation of Tina Flannigan by Martin White II
The Last Messenger by Tasia Williamson
The Mob and I by Mark Wakely
The Sacred Sea by Jonathan Fear
The Shadow of Dharma by Max Perlick
Unborn by Eva Lidia Barber
Widowed by Katie Fahey
Your Call is Important to Us by Elizabeth Lewis