The 2015 Entries

Posted on Jun 5, 2015

Here are all of the scripts entered into the 2015 contest. Best of luck to everyone!

21 Questions by Alexandria
66 West by Christopher Willis
A Meeting in Seville by Paul Mendelson
A Shadow of the Tail by Howard Rayner
Alien Football Hero by Joel Karlinsky
All Of Her Life by Jeff Shevlowitz
Anything For Love by Shirley Warke
Avengement by Michael Spohr
Azazel by Timothy Ehly
Baby Boomers by Nick Walker
Betrayed by Nicolas Mirabelli
BFFs by Jennifer Patterson
Bioterror Conspiracy by Louis Lio
Birthday Magic by George Spicer
Blood Of The Bull by Mario G. Lopez
Bre’gan’s Fist by Tom Emerick
By The Numbers by Matt Otstot
Catch The Devil by Martin Blinder
Chubby Chasers by Michael Dugan
Close Calls by Richard Stringham
Creatures of War by Christopher O’Rourke
Daughter For Rent by Marie Leautey
Deviantfest by Adam Taylor
Dreamwalkers by Michelle Daniel
Eddie Bell by Jean Blasiar
Enigma by Paul Wonnacott
Ezili’s Tears by RD Bolam
Finding Yesterday by Mark Simborg
Frame of Mind by Marcus Nicolas
Free Range by Johnny Dunn
Friday Night Frenzy by Richard Stringham
Giacomo Bondamente: The World’s Greatest Hero by Jim Corona
Grace by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
Grass Monkeys by Matt Wildash
Gunny by Chadwin Taylor
Harold the Peaceful by Sebastian van Hoek
Heartbreaker by Andrew Martin Robinson
Holding On To Letting Go by Juliet Bradford & Alicia Lipinski
How to Catch a Time Traveler by Graham Parke
Ignorant by Anita J. Justice
Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli
(Infiniti) by Chris Bonneau
K-9 Cop by Erna Mueller
Keeper of the Cup by Larry Shulruff
Killbook by Pearse Lehane
Kisscam by Coletta Preacely-Garcia
Late Bloomers by Terence J. Gabriel
Mother Of All Evil by Marie Leautey
Murder Ballad by Maxwell Thomas
Old Dogs by Colin Walter
Pens & Arrows by Karen Willoughby
Phone Boy by Ellen Ferguson
Rampaging Wild Horses by John Panozzo
Reasonably Crazy by Christopher Willis
Red Ivory by L.W. Thomas
Reel Man by Michael Begg & Barry Lemoine
Roulette by Bong Joon Song
Satan Ain’t My Dog by M. Michaels
Scared Stillman by Justin Kagan
Shooting Star by Richard Harrison
Shot Up In The Bronx by Thomas Giles
Shrinker by Sinclair Rankin
Smile, you’re on camera! by Juliette Garrigues & Steger & Le Pennec
Stick ‘Em Up Again by Jeff Thomas
Suing God by Jaime Medina
Tanks: A Love Story by Martin Blinder
Ten Dollars an Hour by Bernard Buzzell
That Sinking Feeling by Michael Begg & Barry Lemoine
The Bearer of Bad News by David Minaskanian
The Chief of Nations by Andrew L Schwartz
The Dinosur Bowl by Herbert McCollom, Jr.
The Girls In The Shadows by Tim Davis
The Grand Alchemist by Maria Soriano
The Grey Wolf by Michelle Daniel
The Lost Girls by Livia De Paolis
The Mil Route by Michael Begg
The Milk Route by Michael Begg
The Mullenbach Treatment by Alvin Easter
The Phoenix Alliance by Michael Rich
The Transmutant by Malcolm Wong
The Triple Death by Dallas Faulkner
The Wingmen of Roque Bluff by Joshua Provonchee
Tripping Through The Multiverse by Joe Borriello
Two Hours of Patriotic Music by John Ratkovich
Voices by Susan Klos
Waking Up Famous by Jim Grieco
Winning The Title by Kevin Sockwell
Year 73 by Jeff Shevlowitz
Zombie A Go-Go by Richard Faymonville