Screenwriter’s Rant Room

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We made this page specially for listeners of Hilliard Guess’s “Screenwriter’s Rant Room.”  If you heard our own Rick Reynolds on Hilliard’s podcast, that gets you a $10 discount.

The contest deadline is May 1.  If we receive one hundred screenplays before that date, the competition will be closed to any further entries.  The entry fee is US$90 for you, because you’re special.


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Your script will not be entered into the competition until you click “Submit” and then pay the entry fee on the following page.

100 Screenplays is a screenwriting competition from Screenplay Festival, running annually since 2002 and one of the highest rated screenwriting competitions on MovieBytes, where writers like you rate the reliability and significance of contests.

WGA Registration: Before submitting your screenplay to anyone, register it with the Writer’s Guild of America. If you need to learn more about registering your script, please visit the WGA Registration Service. 100 Screenplays does not require registration, we simply recommend it.