The complete list of all scripts entered for 2013

Posted on May 22, 2013

The judges are reading all of the scripts that were entered into the 2013 100 Screenplays competition.  Below is a complete list of all 98 screenplays entered into the competition.  Best of luck to everyone!

30 Ballparks – Jordan Wilson
A Million Reasons – Kevin Loughnane
A Vision of Angels – Timothy Jay Smith
ABYSS ABABA: Devolution – Brian Kufawatamba
Across The Divide – Dennis O’Flyng
Allatoona Lake – Isaiah Mouw & Mark Botts
Amazon Toucans – Donna Lisa
An Olympic Odyssey – Nick Manolukas & Heidi Neale
And Those Who Are – Ne’ith Arrow
Arrivals and Departures – Janeen Lang
Big Jim – Daniel J. Smith
Birthday Magic – George Spicer
Bitter Beans – Lolita Fortuin
Bouncing – Peter Fitzgerald
Building the Perfect (Me) World – Matthew Stodder
Camp Aumigod – Scott Eldredge
Crazy People – Jeffrey Bowie Jr.
Crossings – Fred Perry
Dana’s Inferno – Andrew Ethan Bailey
Death At A Distance – Martin Bernard Foley
Death of a Soapstar – Keith Tutt
Donna Rose – Queen of Hearts – James Sullivan
Dream True – Bryan Marvis
EE-DAH-HOW – Dale Williams
Family Men – Jeff Woodard
Forgive Not Their Trespass – John Maffucci
Friday Night Frenzy – RichardStringham
Game On – Hamilton Mitchell
Ghosts of Marathon – David Densmore
Glass Houses – Andrew Stone
God Help Us – MeLisa Lomelino & Ryun Hovind
Good Bye Sarajevo – Pedro Martínez
Gravity – Andy Noble
Hack – Patrick James Healey
Hard Drive – David Cooper
Holly – Thomas Grigg
I’m Beginning To Smell Like My Father – Scott Lipkin
Illusion – Suzanne Kelman
Junah’s Gift – Antonio Feijoo & Angel Perez
Just The Right Amount of Wrong – Larry Hulse
Kids With Guns – Zayn Abbot
Lancelot – Nicholas Horwood
Lantern Fish – David Klein
Learning to Drive – Linda Manning
Little Silver Heart – Lonas Taylor
Live at Five – Robert B. Willsie & Mark Davies
Mobtown – James Gossard & Gabriel M Fremuth
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – George M. Lewis
My Pet Zombie – Steve Daniels
Not In It For The Money – Robert People
Operation Stormy Weather – Martin Bernard Foley
Out Of The Box – Robert Dorian
Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Rico Lara-Marin
Parifal – Michael La Breche
POE – Sayo Kashima
Pooh Five – Chris Ragazzo
Powercut – Paul Mendelson & Paul Alexander
Reflection – Keren Green
Restraint – Russell Nickel
Roadside Assistance – David Sakmyster
Romeo vs. Juliet – Sharath Chandra
Rose And Cross – Jessica Gohlke
RRH – Marc W. Johnson
Seeing Red – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Shadow Cell – Nathan Wilcoxen
Shiny Things from Romania – Hank Clark IV
Singularity – Andy Noble
Spooks – Danny Nowlin
Striking Lucky – Lisa Thomas
Sweet Science – Matt Rhoden
Tears Of Eternity – John Michael Pearson
The Bitter Bush – Deborah Vajda
The Blacktivist – Bill Abelson & Mark Kirby
The Devil’s Curse – John P. Stewart
The Dinsoaur Bowl – Herbert McCollom, Jr.
The Floating Of Hayes – John Woodard
The Gods of Death – Phillip Watson
The Gurgitator – David Klein
The Hunters – Karl Shefelman
The Last Indian War – Michael Graf
The Minoan Message: Return to the Golden Age – Nick Manolukas & Heidi Neale
The Murdered’s Revenge – Paul Myerberg
The Nature of Salt – Mark Toubin & Stephen Dowdall
The Nautilus – James D. Sachs
The Pet Swap – Emily & Grace Bukowski-Thall
The Poem – Dawn Wise
The Vigil Aunties – Andrew Ethan Bailey
The Way of the Saints – Nick Manolukas & Heidi Neale
These Kids Are Dangerous – James Sullivan
Thou Shalt – Mark Toubin & Stephen Dowdall
Trophies – Shell Dannelley
Unauthorized Access – Anthony Chapman
Unhooking – Scott A. Aiman
Walking the Lines that Others Draw – Joey Plale
Winning the Title – Kevin Sockwell
Year 73 – Jeff Shevlowitz
Zero Day – Simon Birkenhead
Zombie Jungle – Guillermo Ramon