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Standard Deadline is March 1

Standard Deadline is March 1

Posted on Feb 26, 2018

The deadline for 100 Screenplays is April 1 at Midnight!  (That is midnight in Los Angeles, California.)

Enter Now!

We would like to thank all of the screenwriters who have already entered their scripts, and let everyone else know that there are spaces left but normally that last week is pretty busy.

We freeze the entry systems if/when we reach 100, so that you do not have to worry about paying the entry fee and not making it into the contest.  If the sites let you in, you are IN.

Keep writing!

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The 2017 Winners!

Posted on May 1, 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 competition!  We would like to thank everyone who entered the contest, and will be doing all that we can to help the three winners to get their scripts into the right hands!


First Prize – The Garage Band by Albert Jacobs

A narrator named Nobody walks us through the short, volatile, sordid and hilarious history of a punk rock band that managed only set one part of the world on fire, their own lives.  Twenty years later Nobody understands what it was all about, and you will, too.

Second Prize – Black Friday by Mikhael Bassilli

A work-obsessed millennial returns home for Thanksgiving weekend, only to be manipulated into spending the day outside of Walmart with his gambling obsessed Mother who has one thing in mind: win the Black Friday hot deal! But it won’t be easy going against this ensemble cast of misfits: a high strung mother with 3 booger eating brats, a nutcase in a trench coat, a family of Meatheads, and a riot of human consumerism all after the same merchandise. This is Thanksgiving warfare at its core!

Third Prize – The Death of Me! by Debra Jarvis

A Seattle public speaker and fundraiser for cancer research, in a bitter competition with another hated fund raiser, impulsively lies and announces she is terminally ill so donations skyrocket but spark changes in relationships and unpredictable events she can’t control–including her own transformation.

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The 2017 Scripts

Posted on Apr 21, 2017

Here are the scripts competing in the 2017 contest. Best of luck to everyone!

2-12-Delta – David Brichetto
40 West VTOL – Walter F Bauer & Paul Loeschke
A conversation with Roosevelt – Vadim Kukharev
A Dangerous Power – Jerome Bredt
Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1 – Bill Walker
Adult Children – Kathleen Sears
American Dream – Charles Ancelle
Animal Hospital – Ryan King
Black Friday – Mikhael Bassilli
Broken Promises – Kevin Yefeth
Bumblejunk & the garden of Eden – Stanley Vetock & Adam Vetock
Bunnyman Bridge – Colin Stewart
Butterflies and Black Widow Spiders – Larry C Myers
Camp Camden – Tommy McInnis
Caracas – John Kennedy
CAT AND MOUSE – Bristol Mac Donald
Cindaf**ckingrella: A Staten Island Princess Story – Jaimee Kosanke
Complete and Uncompromised – Johna P. Walsh
CONTROLLING – Robert Seckler
Covet – Giselle Marie
Dancing in the White Room – David Sabbath
Dark Alliance – Michael J. Casey
Dawn of Eve – James Bingham
Disgruntled Postman – Tim Collins
Dollar Down – J. Michael Aiken
Duty, Honor, Country – Michael J Malloy & Kaleigh K Malloy
Feature – Drac’s Back – Paul Mahoney
Feature – The New Mrs. Campbell – Paul Mahoney
Find the River – Jason Guzinski
Generational Curses – Kenya Branch
GOD BLINKED – Cody Glenn
God’s Gang – Kenya Branch
Grinder’s Switch – Jeffrey Alan Chase
Hal, The Spud King of Japan – John Thibault
Ilham’s Habib(The Love-Struck ) – Iman Davari
Kid Coke – Mark Christopher Boyd
Ladies (final) – Natalie Nicole Dressel
Last Man Out – Ted Johnson
Last Stop – Tommy McInnis
Life Goes On – Daniel S
Love is not Love – Stephen Keep Mills
Luke – Daniel Schmehl
Marbles: The Day in the Life of a Top Dog Marbleist – Arthur Johnson
MARIGOLD – Lisa Cristoforo
Neather Men – Dave Peronic
Nemesis – Carl Joglar
Never Speak My Name – Stampp Corbin, Jo Ann Allen & Walter Meyer
Out of the Comfort Zone – Lorenzo Guarnieri
Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Rico Lara-Marin
People Make Plans – Sheri Smith
Prey – Camilla Bubna-Kasteliz
Redirklus – Kevin Shorter
Resurrection Time Conspiracy – James Carroll
Rubber Room – Doug Bost
RUN AND GUN – Cody Glenn
S.C.A.M. – Beth Geyer
Sand – Alvin Easter
Screaming My Heart Out (recent) – Janyce Lapore
Seemingly Harmonious – dengxian cao
Servants’ Row – Kenya Branch
Smile – Kurt Weitzmann
Snow Angel – Monica McFawn
Somnolence – Jack Waring
SUPREMACY – Rosalyn Rosen
Susan’s Extended – J.F. Rusthoven
Taking Down The Met – Andrea Forrest
Test Drive – Daniel S
The Big Foot – Jordan Koch & Gennavieve Christian
The birthmark – Enrique Carriazo
THE BLUE CODE – Frances Presley Rice
The Cat’s Silhouette – Nicholas Chan
The Death of Me! – Debra Jarvis
The End of Life – GREG MISIEWICZ
The Experiment – Jeffrey Allen Russel & Lynda Lemberg
The Fence – Matthew A. Sprosty
The Fireman – Quinn Dewsbury
The Flid Show – Richard Willett
The Garage Band – Albert Jacobs
THE HALFLING – Raman Singh
The Harlem Story – Danny Holst
The Hunter – M.A.N.
The Loose Ends – Keith Watabayashi
The Man in the Middle of the Desert – Greg Sisco
The Order- First Breath – Elisa McRae
The Provinces – Sinan Cevik
The Resurrection of Bushmill Dakota – Joshua Fruehling
The Salt Box – Robert J. Rogers
The Sensitive – Larry Woldenberg
The Survivor Girls – Robby Ingersoll
The Tailor from Taegu and Mrs. Abernethy – Ruby Akin
The Theory of Adulthood – William Robinson
The Wonderful (with WGAw registration info) – Demitra Papadinis
The Zombays – Lance Barnett
Trail Ride – Jeffrey Chase
Victoria The First – Bill Osinski
Waiting to Crumble – John Ott
WAS – Brian Jude Leahy
Weapon of Justice – M.A.N.
Wishful Thinking – Alex Klein
Wrath – Martin White II
Xtracted – Crafty St. James

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